Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day searching for morels and leeks.  The leeks were plentiful but the morels were a bit more difficult to find.  Strange spring though.  Not a lot of rain but warm temperatures and then the recent cold snap.  But we did find a few morels.  We made a pasta sauce with some of the leeks and tonight use some more of the leeks in a potato leek soup.  Yum.

We took some pictures of our plants and top soil we just had delivered.  Luckily we hadn't put our plants out yet for we had snow on Saturday.  We had to even start the wood stove.  Strange weather.  I know some people had already had planted their garden and hopefully it survived the latest wacky weather. 

Orangeville's market was good considering the weather.  The wind was wild and it rained most the morning.  It was good to see the regular customers braving the weather to visit the market.  We will be back this coming Saturday.

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