Friday, March 5, 2010

Enjoying the Sun and Doing Nets

The weather is amazing.   Sunny, warm but a tad windy.  
Andrew will be down to Wychwood Market tomorrow.  We will have our smoked fish and fresh whitefish.  
Right now, Andrew is doing nets in the basement of the processing plant.  It is a chore that is incredibly time consuming and long hours standing.   He has to strip the old net off the blue lines and then retie the new net on to the blue lines.  We figured the net is 92 meters in length and it will take one knot every 19 centimeters on both lines.  So for every net there is very close to one thousand knots.   It takes 3 nets to do one gang and he usually has 3 gangs he fishes with.  I think that works out to be 9000 knots.  Time wise, depending on knowledge of how to do this, it would usually take 4-6 hours per net.  I am now tired just thinking of the work ahead of him.  I usually help and will be recruited soon enough.  Not to many people volunteer to help with this part but it is something that needs to be done. 
This is one reason through the season we are frustrated when the wind, algea, or debris damages the nets. 

I am off for the weekend.  Two of my boys have a ski championships this weekend in Duntroon which is on the backside of Blue Mountain.  I think they will be skiing in t-shirts and applying sunscreen before the races.  I will return Sunday only to go to the last ski race in Hardwood which is just north of Barrie on Wednesday. 


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