Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can't complain about the weather

Pictures of this evening down at our shore.  It was beautiful even with the cries of the seagulls. 
March Break is coming to an end and back to normal.  Boys are back to school and we are back to planning for the next few months.
I was able to join Andrew at the last couple of markets.  It was nice to see our regular customers and some new faces.  It was lovely weather for Dufferin Market and we were able to sit outside for the afternoon.  It was also my oldest son's birthday.  Amazing how the years have flown by.  Wychwood was also a good market.  Nice to see everyone out and about.  I am looking forward to when that market moves outside but I can wait a couple of more weeks since it is still quite cool in the early morning. 
I am preparing for Dufferin Market.  I made the brines for the smoked fish and did a little bit of cleaning.  Andrew worked on his boat and has moved the equipment around to make his job easier hopefully.  The boys did their chores, played some basketball and badminton.  Sounds like spring is finally here. 

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