Monday, June 22, 2009

We were slimed

Just our luck.... Brand new nets, just out of the box last night and today filled with algea.

So we smoked fish, went fishing and cleaned 600 yards of net with the pressure washer. Now Andrew is out reseting the (new) nets again so we may have some fresh for Thursday.

Day is almost done. showers for all involved for we are all speckled and covered in greenery.

We are prepared for market tomorrow. I guess Riverdale will be held on the boulevard by the cemetary. Hope to see you there.

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Mary Anne said...

Hi Natasha,

We enjoyed your smoked lake trout for dinner tonight. Delicious, as always. :-D To go with the fish I steamed asparagus (also purchased at the Brickworks FM), made a bechamel sauce for the asparugus, boiled red potatoes with butter and garlic chives from my garden.

I hope Andrew has good luck with the fishing this week - no algae - just fish. I'll see you at the market on Sat.