Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Fresh Fish for Dufferin Market

No fresh fish for market tomorrow. We will have smoked but we just put the nets into the water today. We had pulled them out to avoid the recent storms.

We did keep busy though. We cleaned and scrubbed the smokers. Had to replace one burner. Andrew changed a couple of universal joints on our truck and gave her a couple of new shocks for the front.

We also had some older nets that needed to be cleaned. This is what Nodin and Jason did today instead of working on fish. Its a dirty job (dirty and stinky) but it needs to be done. There is still a heap of them so we will slowly pick away at the pile. We found the pressure washer is the best way to clean them. It is very time consuming but doesn't damage the net any further.

We have another new addition to the crew, Travis. He was able to go help Andrew set the nets today. I think he will work out fine and he fits right in with us. He is willing to be flexible depending on the fish and the weather and thats is what we need.

I apologize for no fresh fish but Friday we aim to lift the nets and should have fresh for the weekend markets. Again, weather permitting.

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