Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Nets Were Slimed

We found the algae. Didn't find many fish but found algae galore. Hopefully that's not a preview of things to come.

Yesterday I joined Andrew at Riverdale Market so that we could go together to an Italian celebration at the Italian Conciliate. We had been invited by a friend of ours and he thought we would enjoy it for we loved the time in Italy when we were able to go last fall. We had some wonderful food. We also met some very nice people and overall had an enjoyable evening. It brought back some wonderful memories of Italy when we were offered the opportunity to go to the Slow Foods Conference in Torino, Italy last October.

Our fish is ready for Dufferin Grove's Market tomorrow. The fish are in the brines ready to be smoked tomorrow while Andrew is off to market. This is the beginning of Saturday's markets. We also finally had some new business cards made up and if I do say so myself, they look great.

So far so good except the algae today.

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