Monday, June 1, 2009

Heading to Riverdale Market tomorrow

We had a busy Sunday. Our middle son had his birthday. So all of our boys are a year older now. How time is flying for I still remember the toddling years.
Also we had company. Chef Diego Felix and partner Sanra from Argentina came and spent the night and day with us today. They experienced what is like up here with us. The weather was awfully cool but their company was lovely. They helped us with the fish and tried their hand at filleting and pinboning. I am sure it was an adventure for them. Their help was an unexpected surprise and greatly appreciated for we finished the fish in record breaking time. Then they left just before dinner tonight. Tomorrow they are flying out of Toronto and continuing their journey in New York. Good luck to them in their future travels.
Tomorrow I will be travelling with Andrew to Riverdale. We have been invited out to dinner and will need to leave the market early. We are thinking around 5:30 we will need to go. Hopefully we can get everyone their fish before we leave.
We are hoping for good weather tomorrow for market and we will see you at Riverdale.

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