Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another day completed

Busy day and normally it is quiet on Sundays.
Smoker is done for Riverdale Market.
Andrew went fishing.
Bus was opened and was busy.
A film crew working on a documentary about different aspects of fishing (like anglers, etc.)followed Andrew around out on the Bay in a separate boat.
And the weather was weird. Showers, sun, cloud and breezy at times.
The weekend markets were good. I hope every one got their fish.
Right now we have a bright pink sky so hopefully fishing will be good.
We put up a badminton net and played a few games with the boys. I think it took the last bit of energy we had. I think kids have a bottomless supply of energy.
We found out today that Andrew has been nominated to run for a seat as a Band Councillor for this Reserve. Elections will be July 24. Elections happen every 2 years. We will need to wait and see what will happen.
Other than all of this, I guess it was a normal Sunday. Hope you had a good weekend.

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