Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We are ready for market

Andrew made it out on the Bay and found some pretty fish. Andrew will have some beautiful whitefish and some trout for the market tomorrow. Also a fair amount of smoked fish will be joining the fresh.
I am ready to smoke the fish tomorrow for Saturdays markets. This is the first weekend we will be doing Owen Sound and Wychwood.
The woman who will be selling for us at Owen Sound did show up and she had excellent timing for Andrew just came in with the boat. We chatted about the fish and the whole process. I am sure she will manage her first market selling our fish just fine.
The other woman who was to show up today to work with us at the processing end never did show so I am guessing it wasn't for her.
Tomorrow I will be preparing the bus for the weekend and putting on the smokers. The bus needs a lot of organizing for each of us (Daniel, Andrew and myself) will be taking turns so each us need to know where everything is. That is not always how it worked but we are aiming for that this year.
Hope the week is going well and Andrew will see you at market tomorrow.

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