Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The bus was opened today

We opened the bus for the trial run today. It went well but kept us busy. Trying to get back to into the timing of everything and the quirks of the equipment is always fun. But by the end of the evening it was better and more manageable. I forgot how good fresh cut fries are. We will be opening on weekends for now and then readjust the time and days as the season progresses.
The smokers were also completed for market on Thursday. I think it was a pretty constructive day and things got done. Andrew got some stuff out to the roadside for it is large garbage pick up on the reserve right now. The basement is looking better and a bit more roomy.
Tomorrow we will be going fishing first thing and then getting the fresh ready tomorrow afternoon/evening. I also expect one person to show up who will be selling for us at the Owen Sound Market. This will be her chance to see the background work that goes into the fish and bounce questions off of us. I also hope another young woman from the community to show up to try her hand with the fish. It will be a brand new experience and should be a new challenge for her. Hopefully she works out and she can join our team.
Tomorrow is sounding busy so I will go and rest up. One of our favorite shows are on tonight. We watch the Deadliest Catch on Discovery. Till tomorrow...

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