Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Day of the Long Weekend

Andrew made it out fishing today. It was hard lift. The wind yesterday had made the nets pick up zebra mussels and small rocks from the bottom. The nets were heavy and had to be cleaned. I was beginning to worry for he was out 2.5 hours longer than what I would have thought. But Andrew said he was able to clean the nets and get them back into the water. Tomorrow (Tuesday) Environment Canada is calling for high winds again. Andrew will be headed to Toronto but he will be thinking about his nets out in the Bay.

I spent the day doing housework then getting the fresh ready for market tomorrow. Riverdale we will be headed to first thing tomorrow.

My sons found some morels today in our yard. My oldest is showing the one massive one that he found in our backyard. We thought the seaon for those were done but I guess not.

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