Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend

We have been busy. We did manage to get to Wychwood and the rain gave us a break till the market was done. We made it home and went to bed pretty quick.
Owen Sound's market I was told was busy and kept Val, our help, active.
The bus I ran today but got off to a late start. But once it was openned it was okay. Fresh cut fries are a treat for so many. (so is the deep fried whitefish)
The water today was horrible. It was rough and moving very quick. It had a really dark colour to it and made the shores all muddy looking. There was not even a consideration of going fishing.
Tomorrow looks like it will allow Andrew to get out on the water. We will be preparing the fish to head to Riverdale on Tuesday. It sounds like the weather will be nice in the city on Tuesday too. Riverdale market was the first market we ever did in Toronto and it was a lovely introduction to the city for us three years ago.
This week we are also preparing to head to the first market this year for the Brickworks. Andrew will be doing the Wychwood market and I will be attending the Brickworks. And the weather sounds like it will be nice for this weekend. Hopefully I haven't spoken to soon.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. We just came in from setting off some fireworks with another family. Now we need to defrost but it was fun for all involved.

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