Monday, April 6, 2009

What a difference from yesterday-thought winter was done

Well.... I guess we won't be going fishing today. The weather is suppose to continue for a couple of days. Good thing we didn't put away our winter gear.
A day like this will allow us to get some other things done around the house. We have some planning to do for we have a fish/fry bus to reopen shortly. The menu needs some touch ups and the bus itself needs a clean up from sitting all winter.
Andrew also has some prep work to do for he has been invited to speak in San Jose, California at the Food & Society Conference. He will be gone from April 20-24. We won't be at those 2 markets. He will be asked to speak for 15 minutes and do a question/answer period. It will be a great and new opportunity for him. Hopefully he will be able to take some time to go see San Francisco and touch the ocean.
I hope to update our photos that we try to bring to the markets. Have a few good ones of this past winter when Andrew went out when it was minus twenty four and a wind chill that would numb the rest of us. Also we need to include the recipe that was done in the most recent Edible Toronto.
Well thats it for today. Still hoping for spring.

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Unknown said...

Can you try to get a video of Andrew's presentation and post it here? That would be cool.