Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Still have snow but smoker is going

Today is wind is NW 15 km. It would be a good day to fish and we may tonight after the boys are out of school. It is pretty cold so we need to worry about the nets freezing again. It doesn't take long to happen and it becomes dangerous. It has before froze into a clump then comes flying off the deck and tries to go over the net setter. Andrew needs to be quick on his feet to avoid it for he stands between the net pile and the nets setter.

We took a couple of pictures. One of the fish on the smoker that will be going down to Toronto on Thursday. The other is of our shore. The sun is trying to poke out and at least today you can see the other shore.

We are pretty quiet again today. Trying to be patient for the snow to disappear. The boys are teasing me about getting out their cross country skis again.

Andrew should be out first thing fishing tomorrow morning. Sounds like the wind will be blowing off shore. So Thursday sounds like it is a go.

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