Friday, April 10, 2009

Another Day on Shore

No fishing for Andrew today. The wind today is horrible and will continue until Monday. The marine forecast for Southern Georgian Bay is 15 knots from the northeast and then backing to 20 knots Saturday afternoon. Waves will be 1 metre today and tomorrow it will be 1 building to 2 metres.
We will need to adjust our plans and busy ourselves on shore. We have a few things we could busy ourselves with but we had hoped to get out fishing.
Andrew may try to build a little dock for himself today. It would be easier to unload the fish or putting gear in the boat. The area where the boat is dredged out is 2 metres deep. One miss step Andrew may go for a dip if he is not careful getting out of the boat.
The boys have a long weekend. They are planning a bike ride around our block and trying to convince mom to join in. Our block is 7 km around and there are no shortcuts. They enjoy watching mom struggle up one road that is a steady climb for 1.5 km.
The pictures are of our shore and a robin in the trees. I am sure the bird is thinking he returned to soon.

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