Thursday, April 9, 2009

Andrew is on his way

The fish was packed and told to behave for trip to the city.
At home it is sunny, 15km wind from the west (off shore) and the high of plus 6. The snow should be gone today hopefully. Andrew is planning to fish tomorrow and it is suppose to be a repeat of today weather wise.
We will have to cancel Saturday's Wychwood market. We just don't have the fish. But now we can use that day to organize the nets and hopefully move them around a bit to find the fish. If the wind calms down we can put them in other areas. But right now the net we tried to put them in areas that would protect them a bit by getting them out of the direct line of the wind.
Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day and I hope this weather holds for Easter weekend.


Unknown said...

Well behaved fish is on the way!

Unknown said...

Wait, so there was fish at Dufferin Grove today? I totally missed it!

Unknown said...

It was done by 3:15pm.

Jason said...

wow. ok, i'll be there right at 3pm!