Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring is coming

Today the sun has been shining and above 10 degrees so far.  The ice on the bay has changed.  It is looking thin or something for it is looking greenish.  It is definitely not the white or grey like it has been for a very long time. 
Now I can feel us chomping at the bit to get going.  Andrew has been trying to loosen the boat from its icy grip.  I have gone into the plant and made a mental note of what needs to be refilled or fixed before starting up.  We also turned the water back on in the plant.  We are making baby steps towards fishing again but at least it is slow and steady in that direction.  Next week I will spend a day or two scrubbing the walls and floors.  Then when that is done, just waiting on the ice. 
Please participate in our CSF this year.  Winter has been incredible and this spring will be a difficult one to start up from.  It has been 4/4.5 months with no fish.  Normally we can fish into February and return to fishing around March Break.  Not this year.  It looks like we will be back in the water this month but it is painfully slow. 
Took the camera out to capture the changes of the ice.  Andrew even walked out just a bit off shore on the ice.  I had to keep the camera on him for I thought for sure he was headed for a foot/leg soaker.  Didn't happen but I kept the camera on him anyways.  :)

Get off of the ice

Seriously, get off the ice. 

Knives at the ready

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