Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby it is cold outside....

Wow wee...  Snow is pretty crunchy and hard to work outside or even just to be outside the last few days.  Brrr...
We haven't lost any of our chickens yet but I am amazed at that.  Not that I am wishing it but to think of them out there when it is this darn chilly just makes me shiver. 
Well we made it over Christmas, New Years, a ski race and then a birthday.  Now the end is in sight for the Christmas holidays.  Then the countdown to March Break begins. 
Don't know if we will get out fishing again this winter.  The water is open around the boat temporarily but the mouth of the little slip is becoming awfully skinny.  It will take one calm night for us to freeze in good and solid.  The boat motor turns over but the steering cables are not wanting to cooperate in this deep freeze.  So we will need to wait for warmer temps. 
We still have 4 pups looking for a loving family.  They are cute but we can't take on all four... 
Anyways, if you know anyone who might like one please pass this on to them.  They will 8 weeks on January 5th. 
2 males and 2 females.  The top one that is hiding is a female and so is the one looking at the camera.  The other two are the males. 

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