Thursday, December 5, 2013

Will be at Dufferin Grove this afternoon

Running a bit late last night.  Meant to update this last night but caught up watching the Montreal Canadiens game.  Montreal won but I forgot to do a few things. 
Anyways, Andrew will have smoked and frozen whitefish with him today.  I am busy smoking fish right now so we should be at Wychwood on Saturday too.  Again we will only have smoked and frozen whitefish.  I guess I should mention that it is whitefish season right now.  We will catch trout again but not for a few weeks.  We may find the odd one but if you are not early to the market it will be gone.  Oh yes, before I forget, we will have caviar I hope. 
Getting into a routine with the chickens.  Final count is 22 chickens.  5 roosters and 17 hens.  We are collecting about 4-5 eggs a day and how perfect it is to have a real fresh egg. 
Puppies had their first feed yesterday on wet food.  They made me (us) laugh for a couple of bigger ones went in head, paws and belly first.  No worries about them not having an appetite or not knowing what dog food is.  Soon they will be hopefully off to loving new homes but we will spoil them while they are with us. 
Awfully windy last night and today.  There was a terribly loud thunderstorm last night that made me wake up Andrew to go check out what made the rumble.  It was off in the distance and my sleepy brain couldn't figure out the roll of thunder in December.  I guess I expect freezing rain or blizzard or snow fall warning but thunderstorm....   It woke everyone in the house and we had the hydro flicker so we had to reset all the clocks again this morning. 
Forecast is again being miserable.  Maybe it will change but doesn't sound to promising for next week. This is the marine forecast.

Today Tonight and Friday
Gale warning in effect. Wind southwest 30 knots increasing to west 35 near noon then diminishing to west 25 early this evening.


Issued 10:30 AM EST 05 December 2013
Today Tonight and Friday
Waves 3 to 4 metres subsiding to 2 this evening.

Extended Forecast

Issued 10:10 AM EST 05 December 2013
Saturday Wind northwest 20 knots.
Sunday Wind west 20 knots diminishing to light.
Monday Wind southeast 20 knots increasing to west 35.

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