Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow and cold

What a yucky few day here.  Snow, snow and more snow.  Boat, boat motor is beginning to freeze up.  The water around the boat is becoming thick and trying to keep us in place.  Out on the water...  I don't know how Andrew does it for I just shiver thinking about it. 
Andrew did make it out today though.  He found some pretty fish and it is already for Dufferin Grove tomorrow from 3-7.  He also will have smoked and caviar with him.  I didn't go out on the water and I am still trying to defrost. 
Smoker is going on tomorrow and we will be at Wychwood with smoked, frozen and caviar.  Sorry no fresh for Wychwood for we had to pull the gear out of the water today.  Concerned that the ice may trap us in or the boat motor freezing up solid this time.  Looking at the next few night and I think it is highly possible our little slip will be solid ice.  Winter has come early. 

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