Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh.. Should I say it.. Will be at Dufferin.

Well with the bit of fish we caught the other day we smoked it up and also have some frozen for market tomorrow.  Not a whole lot but some.  We also are planning to be at Wychwood Saturday.  I have the fish going into the brines so really hoping that we can make it but one step at a time.  First lets get Dufferin going for sure. 
Other exciting news is that we have the chickens we built the coop for.  They seem a little excited today but that is to be expected I am sure.  There are 5 different kinds of chickens we got and they are:  Black Minorcas, Cochins, Silver Dorkings, Auracanas and a little red hen that is considered to be the more common chicken.  They are out in the bus we transformed into a coop for them and we are giving them a couple of hours to relax and get use to their new surroundings.  Anyways, later today I will be taking out the camera to the coop and see if we get them to smile. 
Busy around here today which is really nice to say.  Fish to do, market to prepare for and chickens to settle in.  Not to mention the normal day to day stuff to do.  All in all, love being busy.  Be back later with some smiley faced chicken pictures. 

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