Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hoping to make it to Wychwood

Well smoker is going and looks good so far.  Andrew made it off to Dufferin this morning and he was hoping the weather would improve.  Snow squalls were in the forecast for the area he had to drive through.  It has been nice up here though.  Waters look calm even though it says it will be changing. 
Interesting first morning to wake up at 4:30am to hear a distant rooster crowing and then my dogs going nuts.  It continues even now.  One of the five roosters will crow, then my dogs bark and I look out our windows to see if someone is here.  I can see this will be an odd cycle until the chickens and dogs get use to one another.
Anyways, this is our forecast for a few days.  Monday sounds like a possibility of going fishing but then again it says southeast which is almost a direct hit for us.  But Monday seems a long way off and lots can change between now and then.

  Strong wind warning in effect. Wind north 20 knots diminishing to northwest 10 this afternoon then veering to northeast 10 near midnight. Wind backing to northwest 10 early Friday morning then becoming light near noon Friday. Wind becoming south 10 Friday evening.


Issued 10:30 AM EST 28 November 2013
Today Tonight and Friday
Waves one to one and one half metres subsiding to one half metre or less this afternoon.

Extended Forecast

Issued 03:00 AM EST 28 November 2013
Saturday Wind south 15 knots increasing to south 30 in the morning.
Sunday Wind southwest 25 knots veering to northwest 20.
Monday Wind northeast 15 knots veering to southeast 20 late in the day.
Had to go out and see if the chickens would pose a bit nicer today for they seem a bit more settled.  Here are a few pictures.
Our first eggs.  Thank you girls!!

They seem a bit more settled today

Cochin Rooster and his feathery feet

Silver Dorkin Rooster

Auracana Hen.  They have feathers around their beaks that make them look like they have a moustache. 

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