Friday, July 12, 2013

Will be at Wychwood & Owen Sound tomorrow

Interesting week but productive.  The milder temps were nice to work in. 
Our boat issues are still drying out to see what needs to be fixed and what have you.  We figured out one of our bilge pumps on the boat failed and will need to be replaced.  It could have saved the boat but we didn't know it wasn't working.  We also will reseal the floor of boat so if water does go in it doesn't fill the compartment under the floor. 
We have been working with another fishermen from the community so that we can continue on without having to fish.  The boat we will take a bit of time and do some work on her and hopefully we can return her to the water by August some time.
Why the boat sank is still a mystery and may remain one. Sad to see it ran up on shore when it should be sitting ready to go fishing.  But any ways.
The fish are all ready.  Smoked is all ready and not to much trout but some.  Also a couple of nice large pieces of smoked rainbow.  We also will have fresh whitefish but not to much.  Just shy of 15lbs. so the early birds will be happy.  I will bring some frozen lake trout though.  Sorry no fresh or frozen headed to Owen Sound this week.  Hoping to catch more next time. 
See you tomorrow and sun is in the forecast!!!

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