Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Taking it day by day

Today washing and hanging out all the ski clothing.  I am assuming it is safe to put it away but in the back of my mind I am still thinking I could wake up to seeing snow yet again.  Winter jackets are still hanging up by the door just in case.  Odd weather and with it comes the wind. 
It has been a very trying last few weeks.  Can only get out once in awhile and catching only a few.  Other fishermen we count on are saying the same.  This wind allows us to fish but not on the days we want it or need it and we are not finding them.  Normally we can look for them but we all are so busy hiding from the wind.   
Good news is that Andrew got his nets into the water today.  Tomorrow though is an east wind and we will just hope we get a couple of hours of calm tomorrow morning before it picks up so we could have fish for market.  We just keep trying but this wind will calm we figure when the temperatures figure out if it is spring, winter or summer.  We are trying to stretch the fish to make everyone a little bit happy but I know not everyone will be happy.  We are trying though.  I don't know what else to say other than thank you for your patience. This is teaching us yet again how to take one day at a time.  On really interesting days we are going by the hour. 
What have we been doing with our time?  Well, we have been renovating Nodin's fry stand so there is a little sit down area now inside the sea container.  Also put in place his deep fryer and fan for ventilation.  We are slowing getting the house in order from winter to spring as in winter clothing are being washed and put away.  (The wind is drying our clothing very fast but Andrew doesn't like me saying that, but it dries it in half the time.)  We also scrub the plant to make it sparkle for when the fish do arrive.  Nets also have been striped so they are ready for new mesh to be tied to them.  A chore we will do when we run out of other things to do.  We helped the boys when they get rushes with their businesses.  We are all becoming pretty good at peeling potatoes but Nodin still beats us hands down.  I still haven't mastered scooping ice cream.  All I do is spin the tub.  I will get it eventually.  Found a new barbecue brush to help clean the smoking racks but realize I need to be Wonder Woman to use it.  So Andrew has taken over for me till I put some muscle on my arms.  We cleaned up the yard pretty good but need a mover and for sure a weed eater.  We check the Wiarton forecast and Marine weather it seems like 10 times a day.  We are also counting down to when the boys get out of school.  Then Andrew doesn't need to drive and then pick them up everyday anymore.  Also we are going to take both of the older boys out this week or next to get their G1 licence.  I guess we are keeping busy even if we are not fishing.  Andrew walks down to the shore about 6 times a day to see if he can sneak out.  His shoes will be worn out if he keeps that up. 
Tomorrow though we may have a whole lot of fish and the luck will maybe have changed for us.  If not, we will be down to Dufferin with the fish I am smoking right now.  If we can't get out on the water tomorrow, we have some frozen we can bring down.  Other than that, that is the best we can do.  Taking it day by day.  Working on Mother Nature's schedule.  See you Thursday. 

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