Friday, May 10, 2013

Blustery Day

What a change in weather but oh well, it is still May.  I have seen it snow on the long weekend a few times. 
The fish are already.  Smoked has all been prepared and we will have frozen with us.  The wind picked up sometime in the night.  When I first woke up, I could hear the water and knew we wouldn't be fishing today.  The second thing I did this morning after rolling out of bed was to close the bedroom patio door.  Very chilly and I would have been happy camping out in a warm bed for the day. 
What a miserable day though.  Rainy, windy and just that kind of chill that makes you achy breaky. 
Not to much is happening.  Pretty quiet actually.  It is nice though considering once the long weekend comes, we hope to be hopping till Thanksgiving. 
See you tomorrow with the frozen and smoked fish. 

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