Thursday, May 2, 2013

Andrew is at Dufferin today

Sorry for not posting earlier.  Stuck daydreaming on such a beauty of a day.  Took a few walks around our property and this last trip around remembered the camera. 
What a warm day with just a slight breeze.  Noticed the water in the back of our property is disappearing quickly but it is kind of nice for it was really soggy back there.  Saw my first 4 snakes today.  Three Garter and one small milk snake.  One really lifted his or her head to take a good look at me and I wish I had my camera. 
I have been busy smoking fish for Wychwood and Owen Sound's market on Saturday morning.  The regular smoked fish is now done and just cooling where the honey garlic and Cajun will take a bit longer. 
Andrew has his nets out and sounds like tomorrow will be a promising day to get out on the water.  Still very chilly out there but he says he rides into these little pockets of warm air it takes the chill out.  Hard to imagine it being chilly out there while we are running around with t-shirts and shorts on. 
Regular smoked fish about half way done. 

Need to get Chris to open up soon!!!

Our shore looking towards the open water between the lighthouse point and the north tip of Hay Island.

The boat at rest...

Sure sign of spring.

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