Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring and Looking for the Shovels

It looks like the Christmas holidays out our front windows again.  Boys are listening to the radio to see if it a snow day for the last couple of days.  Snowsqualls in the forecast tomorrow so the boys have their fingers crossed for they may have another shortened week. 
We had to cancel thanks to this cold spell.  It has frozen us in yet again and we are watching it carefully.  A slushy, broken up ice is on our shore and goes out about 30-50 feet on the waters surface.  Another cold snap we could have quite the wall of ice keeping us at bay.  Winter is not quite through with us I guess.  I read this morning that we may have a cool spring.  I hope not as cool as it is today though.  Darn groundhog. 
We are aiming to be at Wychwood this week.  To soon to say for sure thanks to winter making a come back. 
Today I treated myself.  If spring won't come, I will plant some flowers and maybe then it will feel like spring in the house at least.  We also decided to plant some tomatoes, green peppers, zucchinis and some sugar snap beans in the garden this time around.  I think we also will try beets again and hope to keep the moles out of them.  Last time we did beets we only got the tops.  The moles ate right through the center of each one of the beets.  Sort of cute but wish they left us a few.  We are also trying to figure out what kind of lettuce or spinach or swiss chard we should do.  It was just nice to think about.  Hard to image for we can't even see our garden right now.  We thought about starting them now in the house, but last time we did that, we had 3' tall corn growing in our living room.  So again, we will wait for a month at least. 
Boys got out skiing yesterday.  They really enjoyed it with all the fresh snow.  They will be out again tomorrow. 
Hope to see everyone on Saturday.  We also have extended the deadline for the CSF for another week.  We haven't been able to make it to Dufferin for two weeks now, thanks to this weather. 

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