Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Final Words From The Fisherperson

I would like to thank all the people who have given our family business a warm welcome to Toronto . a special thank you to all who helped us to bring our unique products to the best people of all, our friends, customers, and partners in equality, education, and responsible; sustainable; traditional fishery. It is with a heavy heart that I must suspend my fishing activities. There are many factors that my family and I have had to consider to make this difficult decision. We have been recently under the personal scrutiny of the Ministry of Natural Resources which has focused a program of lateral harassment towards our First Nation fishing business, by targeting our business to business customers with an agenda of innuendo of wrong doing. We regret that we cannot defend ourselves properly to fight this faceless entity that seems to be using our First Nations treaty rights as a pawn in a non-transparent fishing negotiations with our elected chiefs and councils.  (We have been without a fishing agreement since Dec. 31, 2010).this new tactic has been the final straw that we cannot continue to supply the good people of Ontario. This has not been our only challenge but it is one that we cannot see any way to confront or to excuse. Our business has overcome and/or found solutions too many obstacles in the past that has been nature related (wind, algae and temperamental fish).  Our family business has been a diamond in the rough milestone in our family’s path. Again I thank all who have been sold fish from me, wife or sons.

You have been the wind under our wings as we soared with giants such as: Chef Jamie Kennedy, Chef Keith Frogget and all the chefs and lovers of gastronomy ,and the late Elizabeth Harris without these great people,  myself and my family would be  the poorer(and that is something,  from a First Nations perspective).Thank you all.   “Until our paths cross again.”

Andrew Akiwenzie ex-fisherperson



Heather C. said...

Your fish has been a delicious and nourishing part of many meals for my family, and we will miss you at the Wychwood Barns market. We are saddened to hear that you have been subject to harassment and pushed out of a business that you clearly care deeply about, and we wish you and your family all the best.

Anonymous said...

This is truly sad news which I am very sorry to hear. We will miss you. We wish your family all the best in the future.

suzana martin said...

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