Thursday, June 7, 2012

Won't be at Dufferin or Wychwood but will be at Meaford

Well the fish were all packed up and left this morning to head to Meaford.  It will be available at Meaford's Market tomorrow (Friday evening). 

These are a few pictures from the last couple of days. 
We are still no closer to figuring out this situation we are in.  Staying at local markets seems to be the most logical right now.  The local markets are good but won't let us to get ahead to return to the city any time soon. 
The markets the fish are right now is: Meaford Friday afternoons, Owen Sound Saturday mornings, Port Elgin Saturday, Kincardine Saturday, Williamsford Friday, Markdale Friday, Dundalk Friday, Flesherton Saturday and Marr (at the Handicraft House on Hwy 6, south of Lion's Head) Sunday mornings.  We, ourselves, are not there.  We have a salesperson for Meaford and Owen Sound and the rest a distributor takes the fish to these markets.  Andrew and I are normally close to home.  Fishing when the weather has been good and it has been as of late.  People are finding the fish plant.  I know it is a drive but if you ever find your way up in our neck of the woods, I hope you stop in. 
Andrew is just headed out on to the water as I update the blog.  Nice day out there but some storm clouds are on the horizon.  Hoping to beat the rain.... 

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