Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fish will be at Dufferin tomorrow!

Our internet is pokey the last week or so.  Want to load up some pics but it keeps timing out or I lose my patience waiting.  I was never known for my patience and the internet has been testing me... 

The smoked will be travelling to the market tomorrow.  Ali, from Fish Shak has been taking any left over fresh and freezing it for us.  We didn't have any luck fishing so I have asked Ali to bring some fish from his freezer to the market.  It works well for him too for it will free up some space in his freezer.  Thank you Ali for keeping and freezing our fish for a day that we wouldn't have any fresh. 

We didn't have any luck fishing today.  Maybe the waters are to calm, or maybe the fish caught on to what we are doing, or maybe they found food and it is not where we had the nets.  If only we could figure out what they think.  So we will need to move the nets and begin looking for them again.  Again we are amazed how big Georgian Bay is....   When the fish are playing hide and seek, they seem to have the advantage. 

How we defrost a piece of frozen fish, we put it in a shallow baking pan and run cold water slowly over the fish.  It takes roughly 10-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillet.  Barbecuing season is coming up.  Trout works best on the grill for it has thicker skin.  Whitefish is nice but it needs to be on a plank or wrapped in aluminum foil.  But we normally just bake it.  We just bought ourselves a bamboo steamer and are looking forward to trying it with a piece of fish. 

Thank you for your continued support even though we are not there at markets.  We believe we are there in spirit though.  We still check on Toronto's weather for the day of market, we also smile when we look at the time and wonder if our regular customers have shown up yet.  When we are preparing the fish we hope you are enjoying it.  We want to show up again when things work themselves out here.  We are missing the markets.  The other vendors, our customers and even the city we miss.  We love the atmosphere at the markets.  But we will pop in when we can.  But until then, a HUGE thank you goes to Ali for helping us with the fish!!!  Without him, the fish would be here and unable to make it to markets.  Also a giant thank you, to Cathy and Neil for delivering our fish.  Not once have I heard them complain and so nice to see them smiling at 3am on Saturday mornings.  An enormous thank you to the market managers for allowing our fish to be there with out us.  And one final Thank You and that is for our customers.  Without you, we wouldn't be doing something we love. 

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