Friday, April 27, 2012

Working away

Sun is shining and off to work we go! 
Working away on finishing up the smoked fish.  Busy, busy.  The fresh will be happening later on this afternoon.  Love it though that the sun is out.  The rainy, cold days are hard to get up and get motivated on. 
Everything went well yesterday at Dufferin.  I assume it would have been nicer if the weather was a bit better but that season is coming.  Saturday is calling for sun and a high of seven in the city.  It is going to be just a tad cooler up here.  But no snow, so not complaining.
We have been working away up here trying to prepare for the summer.  I noticed it must be garbage pick up for large things in some areas.  If anyone comes across ovens, please check them for oven racks.  We can always use them.  We were just given 4 new ones to us, and what a lovely change.  Forgot how it is to use new to us racks. 
I was given some newspapers yesterday....  Thank you!  So nice to work with real newspaper and not flyers and tiny local papers.  Wiarton has a newspaper but it is half the size of the Toronto Star and we get maybe only 3 sheets.  Not to much news worthy stuff happens up here.  Wiarton Willie doesn't do to many interesting things.  We are always on the search for newspapers.  We seem to get a nice collection but we turn around one day and we are back to the flyers.  Doesn't seem to take to long to go through them. 
The fish will be headed out of here tomorrow or very late tonight, or very early tomorrow morning.  How ever you want to say it.  I just yawn thinking of it.  The delivery company I am very happy with.  They are very nice to deal with and also they even help us load up.  Our coolers once they are packed are not the lightest things around.  They do it with a smile, even at 3am.  Not bad for I am not usually smiling at that time. 
Alli at Fish Shak and Barb are doing well too at the markets.  I am happy that this change is going well.  I am able to sleep better now.
The fish will see you tomorrow morning!

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