Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Down to Dufferin tomorrow

Off to Dufferin tomorrow.  Will have plenty of smoked fish but not a lot of fresh so the early birds will luck out. 
We won't be at Wychwood though.  The winds were horrible for Andrew today.  Gave him a couple of nasty blisters and he almost gave up a couple of times.  But he toughed it out and found a little bit of fish for market.  He wasn't able to set the nets back though, so no fish for Saturday. 
It has been a bit of an improvement from last weeks weather but still not the greatest. 
Anyways, we shall see everyone tomorrow and hope everyone has a good long weekend.


Jay said...

What are your prices like for fillets and whole fish?

Natasha Akiwenzie said...

our prices for filleted and vacuumed packed fish is $15/lbs. and our whole (cleaned and scaled) is $5.50/lbs. hope this helps.