Thursday, March 1, 2012

Smoker is on for Wychwood

It has been months since we have been able to do two market in one week.  Hope I didn't speak to soon. 
Andrew was able to help me get the next smoker on before he left with Nodin off to Dufferin today.  I just finished basting the fish in the smoker and loving the smell of it.  The wind must be just right for it is filling our driveway of the plant with the sweet smell of maple and fish.  I was admiring the size of the lake trout that we had put on the smoker.  Big, juicy pieces. 
The boys had another snow day.  I am not to sure why but I guess it is best to play it safe than to be sorry.  This is day two with them at home.  Chris is doing his homework for I told him his teacher wouldn't accept it not being completed after two snow days.  Nodin is off with his dad.  Maybe he can steal a few minutes to go skating at Dufferin.  First time this year to put a pair of skates on and not skis.
See you Saturday...

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