Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Amazing Spring Day.... In March

I know I shouldn't be complaining and I am not.  Just a little unsettled with all this gorgeous spring/summer type weather we are having.  I am watching the swampy areas around this area drying up and wondering what that will do to the normal plant life in the area.  Also trying to guess when the leeks and morels will be out.  Normally we don't go hunting for them till around Mother's Day but that seems to far away.  We are accomplishing a lot more with out having to wait for the ice to move out or waiting for the last blizzard that always seems to catch us unprepared.  Nice to be able to sit on the porch and feel the sun's heat.  But we have to wonder. 
Andrew made it off to Dufferin this morning.  A bit later than normal for he had to take the boys to school and then come back to load up.  Our little car is not made to do this kind of work for us.  But he did make it away and didn't forget any fish. 
I just turned off the smoker for Wychwood.  It is looking good and smells wonderful.
I am headed out shortly to show moms and their children how to make bread from scratch.  The people who asked me to do this seemed so surprised I did it without a bread machine.  My response was that I had to make enough to feed our family and one loaf would never do....  I am now just hoping the yeast will allow the bread to rise and that it all works out. 
I have been having a hard time with loading pics on to this site the last few days.  If I think of it I will try again tomorrow!  I will most likely join Andrew on the trip to Wychwood on Saturday unless one of the boys want my seat.  See you then.

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