Monday, October 17, 2011

Went to Foodstock

Andrew, Chris and myself went for the afternoon to Foodstock.  What a great turn out.  We enjoyed the food, atmosphere and people at this event. 
Glad we stayed home Saturday.  The boat was surging quite a bit with the water and we decided to tie it to a tree just incase our dock decided to leave us.  Our internet antenna was blown over and hydro flickered a few times.  Didn't loose it completely but we were ready with the generator just incase.  The weather is never boring. 
This week we are not to sure if we will be getting out on the water.  This wind is going to continue to late Friday.  The wind will also be switching to the north and the temperature will begin to drop.  We just ordered our first load of firewood.  Not looking forward to stacking it but it is good exercise. 
I have been busy trying to finalize the CSF.  We hope next year to start a Community Supported Fisheries.  Lots of details to work out but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  We hope to do it for 8 weeks in the spring and then 12 weeks in the fall.  The weeks inbetween we hope to just sell whatever fish we have but those weeks have more complications like algae, wind, ice and anglers.  Those 20 weeks we set aside for the CSF are normally the best or better weeks for fishing.  More details soon. If this wind continues I should be able to finish it by mid-week. 
Almost forgot.  Some pictures we took from Saturday.
Look how wide the opening to our little harbour is

Water is way up.  Almost touching the bottom of our dock.

Good thing we put an extra rope on the boat

Our internet antenna. 

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