Monday, September 12, 2011

What the shore looked like tonite

Beautiful evening.  Rain or a chance of thunderstorms tonight but the day was sunny and warm.  Andrew did consider putting nets out this morning but it was good that he reconsidered for this afternoon the wind really picked up.  Between the sun and wind, it dried our laundry pretty quick that I had hung out earlier. 
Vehicle issues are not going away.  Our new (or what is new to us) car is still in the shop getting a safety done.  We are bracing ourselves for a shock for it needed tires, brakes and something done to the exhaust.  The shop had it for two days now so are beginning to worry they may have found something else.  Hoping not and maybe they just had to wait for parts or something and that is why the delay. 
Other than that, all is pretty quiet.  Andrew is applying for his first job tomorrow.  We have been working on updating his resume.  Had to dig it up from 10 years ago.  I am trying to update mine to but no jobs around here have been posted that I could apply for.  Strange to be looking for work.  We usually have so much work that we are wishing we could add hours to the day.  It would be also very different to work for someone else.  Normally we are the ones that are delegating out the work and trying to figure out how to do it the most efficiently.  It would also be strange to not be working with fish.  I can remember when I thought the day would never come that I would ever touch a fish other than the ones that escaped our aquarium.  Things change over time I guess. 
Our oldest son returned from Montreal yesterday.  He went to a Bike Expo and then watched a Bike race in Montreal over the weekend.  His coach, friend and himself went off on this adventure.  He returned excited about the bikes, thoughts of attending McGill maybe one day and exploring a new city.  He paid for the travel by himself with the money he made with his ice cream business this past summer.   We are really proud of him.  He knows he is guaranteed a job next year.  He just has to save enough to do the start up again next May.... 

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