Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sorry for the Delay but won't be down to Dufferin Today

We are having vehicle issues.  Hoping it is not to serious but it is one of two thing.  Both are hard to fix but one is much more expensive.  Andrew is working away on it but it doesn't look like we will be down this week.  I feel like I am watching a serious surgery and hoping for the best.  Soon the doc will tell me what the outcome is and I hope he says all went well....
But kids are doing well selling fries and ice cream out front of the plant.  A pretty regular following they have and I think I have met most kids from the reserve. 
I should go.  I have been trying to help hand tools to Andrew but seriously I am not the best assistant.  Getting a crash course in sockets and air tools.  And I doubt I will ever remember the difference in screwdrivers.  I think I will always call them a big flat edge, small square, normal star, etc.  After 16 years of marriage I figured out Andrew and I can't drywall together or work with to many tools for thingamagig and whatyoumacallit doesn't help to much. 

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