Friday, August 12, 2011

Sorry but no Wychwood tomorrow

Day two with vehicle not going anywhere to quick.  Andrew was able to tear it down but now have to wait for the parts. 
I am not known for my patience.  Feel a little lost for I know I should be preparing for market or something but instead I am trying to keep busy. 
One thing is helping though.  It has been windy so we wouldn't be able to fish anyways.  It has been a brisk east wind today and tomorrow it is going to continue.  An east wind is horrible for fishing in our area. 
Kids are doing fine selling ice cream and the other doing fresh cut fries.  We have two picnic tables out front and they are full most the day with kids and families.  The boys have a badminton net up and we catch the kids vs. kids, parents vs. kids and adult vs. adult.  Lots of laughter and some of those games get pretty darn serious.  Amazing how the boys businesses are becoming almost like a central hub for a lot of the kids from this area.  I am glad they are doing well and people are enjoying fries/ice cream/the boys company and sometimes a highly competitive game of badminton. 

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