Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Pictures....

First Rose Blooming....  Andrew found and planted this rose for me after the first market we did this spring. 

Nets we just finished cleaning today.  Ready to hit the water hopefully tomorrow.

One dirty net being replace by one of the cleaned ones

Second dirty net being replaced

Third and last net being rotated out
These three dirty nets need to have the pressure washer used to clean them.  The three clean nets were stretched and cleaned yesterday and today but it was a job and a half.  Now we are just keeping an eye on the weather reports.  Winds are suppose to pick up tonight and tomorrow but we have to wait and see.

We just deliveried some of our smoked fish and whitefish to Rocky Raccoon's Cafe in Sauble Beach.  He is trying a few new things with the fish and some of the response has been pretty positive.  He hopes to offer our fish in a display cooler eventually so that his customers can take home a piece of smoked or fresh home to experiment and enjoy the fish the way they want.  Good idea we think.  Rocky Raccoon's Cafe is the boat shaped restaurant if you make it up to Sauble over the summer season....

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