Thursday, May 12, 2011

Smokers are on for Wychwood

Thought it was going to be sunny today?  Guess not.  Atleast it isn't raining yet but you can feel it coming.
Andrew made it off to Dufferin this morning. 
I was able to get the smoker on without any delays.  The last couple of times I had to do one it was one thing after another that had to be done before the smoker was put on.  But today it went on without a hitch.
The marine forecast looks okay for tomorrow.  Not as nice as it has been but okay.  Just have to hope the thunderstorm moves through tonight.  The weekend and the beginning of next week sounds horrible.  I think the marine forecast just copy and pasted the same weather perdictions for every day.  It says winds northeast 25 knots.  Yuck.  Hopefully it will change for a knot is 12.861 m/s so that means it will be blowing 46.3km.  We can't hide from that wind and can't or shouldn't be fishing in it either.  Wait and see.  They seem to change the forecast on a daily bases and sometimes more than once in a day. 
Talking about smoking fish I best run and go see how it going.  Should be close to the half way mark hopefully.

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