Friday, May 27, 2011

No Wychwood tomorrow

Good thing we did pull out our gear from the bay.  Windy, windy today. 
It was calling for sun today so I did up our laundry.  Why do I believe the weather reports?  You would think I would learn but I keep thinking they maybe correct sometimes.  They have changed it and now it could rain and no sunshine.  So now hoping it will hold off till the jeans are dry.  I do sometimes think I am asking to much. 
Heard this tidbit of data on the radio yesterday.  This spring is the 6th wettest since the weather has been recorded. 
So now just trying to figure out what to do with a day on shore.  The fish plant needs a bit of attention.  Had my delivery of bags come in today and the boxes seem to be helter skelter.  I also want to wash some fish boxes with the pressure washer.  But first I think I need another coffee and I will go and read the weather reports again just because. 

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Janet said...

The worse the weather is, the more entertaining your blog is. Sad, but true. Here's hoping for more boring blogs very soon.