Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Week Almost Over

Where did this past week go.  Seemed like it just flew by. 
First long weekend of summer.  Take a deep breath for Wiarton will double in size from this day till Thanksgiving. 
Just waiting on Andrew to get home from Dufferin.  Sat here this evening watching the fog move in.  It is so heavy right now.  I know it is a good sign for that means there is very little wind but hoping the driving conditions are okay.  I hope for Andrew's sake, this fog will lift a little so he can find his nets easily tomorrow morning.  Also it makes it challenging for we know the waterways will get busier from this point on.  They can't see Andrew and his boat like he can't see theirs either.  Been a few close calls in the fog.  Usually another boat flying past and Andrew just hoping they swing away from the nets so their motor doesn't get tangled in the net and pull him in.  He tells me how he stands on his deck yelling and waving his arms but knowing it won't help for over the noise of the other boat's motor they would never hear him. 
Played badminton with the boys tonight.  Playing badminton in the fog is a little surreal.  The birdie seems to almost disappear if you hit it high enough and then fall from the sky way over on the other side of the net.  The dampness made the grass a bit more slick so after a few good wipe outs we called it a night. 
Andrew just made it home from Dufferin.  I will go say hello to him.
See you at Wychwood Saturday.

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