Thursday, May 5, 2011

Andrew is on his way to Dufferin

Wow what a beautiful day.  Not to many of these type of days as of late so I best get out and enjoy it.
We have smoked all loaded up.  The quest for fresh didn't work out but hopefully tomorrow Andrew will be able to get his own nets.  Just last night we finished the repairs on the boat and were able to slip out before nightfall to put our own gear back into the water.  The boat looks good.  New floor, hole has been patched, wiring all done and fish finder attached.  Oh yeah a fresh coat of paint on the floor. 
We are planning on being at Wychwood.  I have the smoker on right now and hoping it will be making a journey to Toronto again on Saturday.  Have to hope for the winds to continue being calm.  Wonder if I am asking to much?  I hope not.

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