Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Gale Warning In Effect"

The winds are very strong today and the rain is very heavy at times.  Tomorrow snow is in the forecast for the morning.  I thought winter was gone but hopefully this is the last round.
So for giggles I read over the marine forecast.  It is pretty obvious we won't be fishing today or tomorrow when we wake up and can hear the waves before we see them. 
The marine forecast today has the big red banner across the top saying,'Gale Warning In Effect."  Wind East 20 knots increasing to southeast 35 knots this morning then diminishing to southwest 25 near midnight.  Wind increasing to west 35 Sunday morning.  Waves: Waves 1 metre building to 2 near noon and to 3 early this evening. 
Monday: Wind NW 35 knots diminishing to west 20 in the morning.
Tuesday:  Wind light  increasing to east 20 knots late in the day.
Wednesday:  Wind East 25 knots.

East winds really are not great for us.  Tuesday sounds promising till you read Wednesday's that the east winds return again. 
I guess I will be getting caught up on all the hockey playoffs.  Quietly I am cheering on Montreal but Vancouver would be good too.  In other words any Canadian team would be nice. 
I was looking at my garden yesterday.  The garlic is coming up.  Second time planting garlic and it actually is coming up this time....  Maybe, just maybe my black thumb is gone. 
I am helping my oldest son start up his own business this summer.  It will be an interesting experience I think for him. 
I guess I will return to waiting.  Wonder if the boys are up to watching the Lord Of  The Rings Trilogy yet again?  I know what they will say,"Oh mom, you just want to see Aragon again...." 
If I feel like venturing out again into this miserable day.  I will see if I can get some pictures of the larger waves that are coming later today.

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