Friday, April 8, 2011

Fishing is in the near future....

The sun finally came out but I best enjoy it.  The sun will be disappearing with thunderstorms for Sunday and Monday.  I will take a thunderstorm over a blizzard. 
We are talking of returning to markets shortly.  Trying to look over all the water and guess where the fish may be hiding.  In the shallows or in the deep?  Are they in their normal areas or trying a new location?  Are they in 80' of water or 200'?  Standing on the shores of Georgian Bay you realize that is a very large body of water.  But at least we are at the point of talking of where to go with the nets to try our luck the first time.  As soon as Andrew sees his chance he will be gone.  I will be prepared to see him walking up from the shore smiling and the boat back in the water.  Then he will be gone to start his search for the fish. 
This year we are going to limit our markets and then see how the season goes.  With all the wind last year it had us cancel a lot of markets and left us behind the eight ball to start the winter because we counted on those markets.  We will be at Wychwood on Saturday mornings and Dufferin Grove on Thursday afternoons.  Hopefully by doing so we have more days to fish and have a couple of days of week that if it does blow we don't need to take that risk to go out to rescue our gear.  Again this may not work either but it is worth a try.  Andrew and I have to accept that Mother Nature is our partner and she sets our schedule. 

Glad to see the winter has finally loosen its grip.    Happy to see the snow is melting.  Nice to have our woodstove going but just to take the chill out of the air.  Not overly happy the collection of spring and winter jackets hanging all over the basement entrance area.  Nice when we can put away all the bulky jackets.  Our dogs are busy shedding and laying out in the sun.  Our garden is almost out of the snow.  Looking forward to seeing if any of our garlic will come up.   I will be ready for winter again but not till November 2011. 

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Nadine said...

So glad to hear you'll be coming back to Dufferin. My tastebuds are sad without your fish!