Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still waiting on Spring

We are hoping after the next few days of warm temperatures that we will see some open water again.  Right now in our area it is ice as far as you can see. 
This has been a long and tight season.  Winter the last few years has been much more mild and not quite so much snow.  The snow was lovely to ski on but to fish and keeping up with the shovelling it was a bit of a challenge. 
We have been keeping busy though.  I have returned to doing some craft work with beading and working with hemp cord to do necklaces and bracelets.  Andrew has be stripping and retying hundreds of yards of nets in the plants basement.  I try to help every so often but it is a mind numbing job. 
We also have started our garden.  Last year everything was just beginning to produce and then the frost came.  I have three pots of basil in our window growing and this morning was the first time I was able to smell it.  Yum....
Everyday that goes by brings us closer to fishing again.  Nice thing is that we will have new nets to fish with this year thanks to the work Andrew did over the down time. 

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