Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Day!!! But tired of waiting for the ice to go......

Playing with the ice. 

Boat must be wondering why its not back in the water yet. 

Andrew showing me how thick the ice is

Seagulls enjoying a skate

Hint of spring
I know everyone is getting impatient for spring but we are going past impatient.  Lovely warm temperatures today but the ice is still there.  But I did find a hint of spring in the yard.  Some of my tulips are coming up. 
We are still here though but this was definitely one of the longest, toughest winters we have had to do in a long time.  I hear spring is coming and I see the snow disappearing but the ice is just not going anywhere.  
I hope to return to the city shortly.  Missing the market food.  Seriously, they don't have food up here like in the city.  Also missing the social interaction at the markets.  Pretty quiet up here in the sticks in the winter. 
I best go and I want to show Andrew the tulips coming up.  Not to sure it will impress him much but might give him a short break from tying nets. 

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