Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Won't be down to Dufferin tomorrow

We will not be down to Dufferin tomorrow.  Andrew had to pull his nets out Monday because of the wind that was blowing around yesterday.  He is right now trying to set his nets back but won't be in time for market. 
We are aiming for Saturday.  Just need the wind to continue being somewhat reasonable for the next little bit.  It is suppose to blow but from off shore.  Still not great but it is possible as long as the direction of the wind remains true. 
Working on some caviar for Saturday.  Just having to dry the eggs today and hopefully be able to package them Friday. 
It is beginning to snow off and on today and may continue for a few days.  Enough that the boys are talking about skiing this weekend.  We are talking about having to make sure we have everything picked up and put away so that our blower on the tractor can't hit it or if we need it we know where to find it.  The challenge of snow.  A few years ago we learnt our lesson though.  Had all the shovels laying down and of course it snowed a large amount.  Wasted a lot of time and got pretty wet stomping through the snow banks, etc looking for the shovels.  Now we learnt to stand them up or lean them against the house.  Same goes for hockey sticks and skis.  Hard to find under a foot of snow. 

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