Monday, December 20, 2010

Will be at Dufferin Grove just before Christmas!!!!!!

The nets are going back into the water tomorrow and the smokers are going on.  The winds sound like they may cooperate.  Andrew will be down Thursday.  The last market and delivery date before Christmas.
We also hope the weather cooperates alittle longer and we can make it to December 30th market at Dufferin.  Last one in the year 2010.  
Boys have started their Christmas Break.  They are relaxing and helping us with doing some chores around the house.  They will be skiing too and they have their first race on December 31.  It is called the Enduro and it is a team race.  A team of three and one has to be a female.  They have 2 hours and it is run like a relay.  It is how many laps your team can do in that much time. Last year they did well and did quite a few laps.  Now the challenge is to better it.....
Today we are just getting organized to do Dufferin.  Checking the weather it seems like every couple of hours hoping to see no changes.  I was working on some caviar and Andrew was trying to keep the ice from becoming to solid around his boat.  Andrew also making sure his nets are defrosted and his lines are all organized.  He is trying to do as much as he can on shore for it isn't the nicest out on the bay these days.  A tad chilly. 

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