Monday, December 13, 2010

Stuck at Home.....Blizzard

Lots and lots and lots and lots of snow.   Lots and lots and lots and lots of wind.  Roads are closed, schools are closed, buses are not running and businesses are even closed.  Calendar says it is still Fall.  So this isn't even a winter storm yet....
We hope to make it down to Thurday's market but it is not looking all to wonderful.  I will be making brine later today or tomorrow but it is not looking all that promising.  It sounds like it could improve by the end of the week and we will need to dig out and defrost our stuff.  The boat is just like a big ice cube filled with snow.  Andrew is trying to dig it out but the wind just blows the snow back in.  We are trying to keep the plant unburied but it keeps getting blown back in too.  Our van is becoming a piece of the landscape.  Haven't even tried to turn it over since Friday.  We will need to plug it in for a few hours to get it up and going. 
Kids though are looking forward to skiing with all this fresh snow. 
Had hoped to take a few pictures but I caught a bug and standing out in this wind and snow isn't maybe the best idea.  Stay warm.

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